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Barcey’s Coffee launches website for businesses to purchase artisan coffee

Barcey’s Coffee website

BROOKLYN, NY, U.S. – Barcey’s Coffee is reshaping the B2B coffee dynamic with a mission to help small businesses. Barcey’s is a wholesale and innovative Artisan Coffee supplier that has launched an all-new, user-friendly website that is making it easier for businesses of all sizes to “purchase quality artisan coffee for their customers, clients or employees at a hassle-free price that includes a free membership, saving companies thousands of dollars each year.”

Barcey’s Coffee provides businesses with:

  • A free, exclusive membership to access their brand new website
  • The ability to purchase artisan coffee at a reduced wholesale price ($10 – $12) per bag without losing any quality
  • The capability to offer a regular rotation of different, exciting coffees for their customers or employees, making them excited to try the next or find a new favorite

“Our main goal at Barcey’s Coffee is to help small businesses and entrepreneurs save money on their coffee by buying it at off retail price and without the hassle of applying for wholesale accounts,” said Christine Guillen, Co-Founder of Barcey’s Coffee. “Every penny counts for small businesses – I know from experience – but they shouldn’t sacrifice the quality of the coffee to do so. That’s why I created this free, exclusive platform.”

With coffee’s place as the second most sought-after commodity in the entire world, Barcey’s Coffee is supporting the importance of drinking high-quality coffee. Quality coffee not only affects the taste of the coffee, but the entire coffee drinking experience.

Offering organic blends, single origin, blend, and espresso, Barcey’s Coffee gives businesses the opportunity to buy some of the best artisan, sustainably grown beans that are roasted in the United States of America – including Tentera Coffee located in LA and Venetian Coffee in FL.

A membership with Barcey’s will not only help save money for small businesses but help support other American companies. With the currently unpredictable state of the economy, supporting local American businesses is imperative to keep our businesses thriving and shopping at Barcey’s Coffee will do just that.

“Barcey’s Coffee is an amazing idea that comes to fill an evident market need. In a fragmented industry like craft coffee roasting, Barcey’s gives roasters and wholesalers the opportunity to connect and build their businesses,” said Rod Duncan, Master Roaster at Venetian Coffee.

For more information about Barcey’s Coffee website or to sign up for their exclusive program, visit www.barcey’s.coffee. Stay tuned for new vendor partnership updates on their Facebook, here.