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AVPA – Paris 2017 Award Ceremony to be held on Wednesday June 28th


PARIS – The technical jury of the Third International Contest for Coffees Roasted in their Countries of Origin AVPA- Paris 2017 is meeting in Paris to taste, classify and grade competing coffees (in the PICTURE, the 2016 Contest Laureates).

Twenty-three countries from all producing continents are participating in the contest in which coffees are judged using the traditional method or using the expresso method.


The number of cup tastings to be realized is improving by 60% and the AVPA Jury is settling down to a considerable work in order to classify the coffees in organoleptic homogeneous categories, then, inside each category, to define the grading which allows to award coffees which deserve it, one of the following medals:

  • Gourmet AVPA-Paris 2017: for all coffees which deserve the attention of connoisseurs
  • Gourmet Or AVPA-Paris 2017, Gourmet Argent AVPA-Paris 2017 and Gourmet Bronze AVPA-Paris 2017 for coffees acceding to the podium.

This contest is reaching the aim of Valorisation of Agricultural Products:

  • by roasting themselves their coffees, producers are becoming passionate by quality.
  • by introducing a new added value in producing countries, they participate in the improvement of coffee business income.

So AVPA is participating to develop this new general trend among producing countries.

The award ceremony will take place on Wednesday June 28th at 6 pm at the Peruvian Embassy.