Friday 27 May 2022

AUSTRALIA – Veneziano Coffee Roasters launch Nespresso compatible coffee capsules

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Melbourne-based Veneziano Coffee Roasters announces the arrival of its specialty ‘Sourced’ coffee capsules, compatible with the extremely popular home Nespresso machines.

Over half a million Australians and growing are jumping on board this coffee trend of enjoying espresso style coffee at home, preferring that over the instant variety.

Veneziano saw the opportunity to provide specialty coffee in this market space.

As an experienced specialty coffee roaster Veneziano sources green beans direct from farmers with exemplary growing and processing methods to assure quality and roasts the coffee as fresh as possible in smaller, regular batches. Months of testing various roast profiles ensued to end up with a flavour profile to suit the capsule product.

On the Sourced product, which derives its name from being sourced directly, Veneziano’s managing director Craig Dickson explains, “Regarding our coffee, we can tell you which farm and even which paddock it’s from, something that discerning wine and boutique beer drinkers can appreciate as this same philosophy applies to sourcing raw produce to create these beverages”.

Tasting notes: full cream body, notes of chocolate, caramel and nuts; supreme in milk.

Sourced coffee pods come in boxes containing 30 capsules. Weekly, fortnightly and monthly delivery subscriptions are also available.

Source: company’s web site

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