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AUSTRALIA – La Casa del Caffe celebrating 30 years of roasting coffee

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This year marks the 30 year anniversary of la Casa del Caffe, roaster of premium coffee. From humble beginnings in 1984 in Greystanes, la Casa del Caffe started off in a retail shop with a 10kg Roaster and a nutbar, and with careful nurturing by Don and Maureen Kennedy the roastery has grown substantially and is now a second generation, premium gourmet coffee roaster in Sydney’s south west.

We are a second generation coffee roaster, with the third generation growing up fast. We are a family roasting business with strong family values and great customer relationships. Along with a handful of other dedicated roasters, la Casa del Caffe helped pioneer a culture of espresso coffee drinking in Sydney and greater New South Wales.

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“How things have changed during these 30 years! As early adopters of espresso coffee in Sydney we have led some of the most innovative coffee developments in Australia. People now venture out to their local cafe for breakfast, the mid-morning coffee and lunch while we quietly go about our business developing great coffee. We have had a profound impact on Australian coffee and we are proud of this.” said Don Kennedy, father, grandfather and owner of la Casa del Caffe.

We have been blessed with a family all on the same page, my wife, my children, brothers and dedicated friends who work together as the staff at la Casa and so many wonderful café and restaurant owners, baristas and roasters, whom just like us, started off small with a challenging venture. It’s encouraging to see great coffee enthusiasts doing so well and it’s wonderful to be part of a like minded community.


What our customers say about us: Mark Chance of Primary Espresso Bowral said “I have used la Casa Tropicana blend for 17 years, best coffee service and business I have dealt with ever.” Thanks Primary Espresso Bowral Paul Dore from Digi.Kaf, a NSW winner of the Foxtel Lifestyle Food Awards for 2014, said “This year our coffee has been recognised as the favourite in NSW! Thanks to our dedicated coffee supplier, La Casa del Caffe who consistently go above and beyond in all aspects of their business. No matter who you are lucky enough to deal with you will always be certain that they care and will do their utmost to fulfill your needs, and they roast great beans too!”

About our beans

We buy the highest quality green beans from around the world. We batch roast and dispatch daily to ensure maximum freshness. Freshness is essential for quality coffee and for extracting the perfect espresso.

We buy a selection of ethically traded specialty coffees from PNG, South America, Africa and Asia. The certifications these estates have ensure workers rights, safety and families are protected. We are supporters of sustainable coffee growing practices, offering a large range of accredited sustainable coffees and we are affiliated with a number of well known organisations in this field including: Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade.

The coffee selection includes: exquisite European style blends, All Natural Water Decaffeinated, Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance Organics, hand selected Estate single origins and our Signature Blend – Tropicana. All of la Casa del Caffe coffee blends are now certified Kosher and Pareve by The Kashrut Authority.

In addition to the coffee blends, la Casa del Caffe also stock: Elmstock Teas; coffee, tea and chai syrups, a wide range of coffee accessories; and commercial and semi-commercial espresso machines. About La Casa del Caffe

Typically a wholesale business, la Casa del Caffe, a family owned and operated coffee roaster, has been delivering the freshest coffee with exceptional service for 30 years. The business was founded by Don and Maureen Kennedy in a retail outlet and with Sydney’s burgeoning café scene the company grew substantially and is now located in warehouse premises in Minto in Sydney’s south west.

The La Casa del Caffe roasting method is the traditional Italian hot air roasting technique which has delivered coffee flavour perfection for decades. We take great care in selecting and blending our beans to ensure the quality and consistency of our coffee. Tropicana is La Casa del Caffe’s signature blend, an Italian style espresso coffee named after the famous Sydney cafe, Tropicana Caffe, and is blended from a selection of ‘A’ Grade green coffee beans and roasted to perfection to provide a soft body and low acidity in a highly aromatic, smooth flavoured coffee.


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