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AUSTRALIA – Artists use Nespresso capsules to raise recycling awareness

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LAUSANNE, Switzerland – With “Project Upcycle”, Nespresso is raising awareness about its capsule recycling program in Australia. The initiative launched this July commissioned six sustainable artists and designers from around Australia to create original artworks using Nespresso coffee capsules.

The upcycled masterpieces created for Project Upcycle are on display until September 1st in Nespresso Boutiques throughout Australia and will later be donated for auction to each artist’s chosen charity.

DVG De Vecchi

“Nespresso is delighted to have worked with such a high calibre of artists and designers who share in our company’s passion for creativity and deep respect for the environment.

It’s our aim to create more awareness amongst our Club Members about the importance of capsule recycling,” said Renaud Tinel, General Manager for Nespresso Oceania.

La Cimbali

N Upcycling used Nespresso capsules to craft original artworks

During an intense, 14-day period, the Project Upcycle ambassadors crafted unique and compelling artworks entirely from recycled materials, including thousands of Nespresso capsules.

The creations revealed their roots in fine art while being driven by the artists’ commitment to sustainability. Award-winning environmental artist John Dahlsen, for example, created an atmospheric aluminium landscape made from layers of crushed Nespresso capsules.

Invoking the spirit of Japanese ikebana that brings together nature and humanity, eco-jeweller Katrina Freene cut, hammered and shaped Nespresso capsules into a colourful bouquet inspired by Australian wildflowers.

Nespresso capsules were also reused to fashion striking clothing and accessories. Sustainable fashion designer Alice Sutton stacked and inserted capsules into the hems of a wool dress and cape, lending them a bell shape that evokes the iconic Nespresso capsule.

Meanwhile, Ellie Mucke meticulously crafted a shimmering golden gown reminiscent of blossom petals.

The eco-friendly creators of Holloway Eyewear playfully cast miniature Nespresso capsule cut-outs in resin to produce multi-coloured eyeglasses and wristwatches.

A remarkable model pangolin by environmental sculptor Sean Avery stands as a reminder of the precarious existence of this highly endangered mammal.

N Innovative approach to recycling awareness

The aluminium from which Nespresso capsules are made is not only the best material available today to preserve the freshness and aromas of the Nespresso Grand Cru coffees; it is infinitely recyclable.

Recognizing the immense environmental benefits that recycling aluminium brings, Nespresso is committed to making it as easy as possible for its Club Members to return their used capsules for recycling.

Since 2009 as part of its Ecolaboration™ sustainability platform, Nespresso has more than tripled its worldwide capacity to recycle used capsules, including the development of tailor-made solutions where cooperation with national packaging recycling schemes is not possible.

Yet the actual amount of capsules recycled depends on the participation of Nespresso Club Members.

“We are working to increase our recycling capacity by the end of the year and I believe this initiative has been a great reminder to our Club Members of the important part they play in this joint effort,” commented Renaud Tinel.

“We have received extremely positive feedback online and via our social media channels and the overall impact of this project on our Club Members’ recycling behaviour has been very encouraging so far.

We have already seen a significant increase in sales of our recycling bags and canisters as well as an uptake in the volume of capsules recycled in our Boutiques throughout Australia,” he concluded.

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