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Atomo Coffee Remix is a blend made with 50% of beanless coffee and 50% sustainably sourced quality Arabica

Atomo 50/50 Remix is a propriety blend of 50% beanless coffee and 50% sustainably sourced coffee. Atomo beanless coffee is crafted from farm-grown superfoods & upcycled ingredients

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SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, USA – Atomo Coffee is launching of Remix, a new blend merging conventional and beanless coffee. According to Atomo Coffee, Remix is ushering in an era where sustainability and superior taste go hand in hand.

“The industry is now at a turning point; all barriers on taste and supply of beanless coffee have been removed by Atomo” says the company. “It is time for the coffee industry to embrace beanless technology and realize the immediate sustainability benefits of this revolutionary innovation.”

In a blind taste test conducted by Atomo, participants preferred Atomo’s Remix 2:1. “Coffee drinkers love the taste of beanless coffee blends,” said Andy Kleitsch, CEO of Atomo Coffee.

“Remixed coffee is a win-win – not only is the taste indistinguishable to consumers, but in most instances, it improves the taste of conventional coffee while making an instantaneous positive impact on the planet.”

Atomo’s beanless coffee is made from widely sourced farm-grown, superfood, and upcycled ingredients such as date seeds, sunflower, guava, and lemon. It elevates the flavor of conventional brews while slashing carbon emissions by up to 83% and using 70% less land.

“With Remix, there is no longer a need to destroy forests to increase coffee production,” adds Kleitsch. “Atomo has created the solution, and consumers are eager to support it.

But to make the most powerful impact, companies like Starbucks, Nestle, and others must decide if they will sit on the sidelines or take real action to address the impact of conventional coffee on our planet.”

Climate change is expected to have a severe impact on coffee cultivation globally. According to World Coffee Research, by the year 2050, more than half of the land currently used for growing coffee could become unsuitable due to rising temperatures, unpredictable rainfall, and an increase in diseases and pests.

This shift will lead to extensive deforestation as farmers search for new areas to cultivate, worsening environmental damage.

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