Thursday 30 March 2023

Astoria launches Hollywood, a new espresso machine inspired by the cinema of the 1970s

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SUSEGANA, Italy – Astoria presents Hollywood, the new espresso machine inspired by the revolutionary influences that invaded American cinemas in the 70s: from Easy Rider to Taxi Driver, it takes us on a journey through the cinematic culture of an iconic decade. Hollywood has been designed in this vibe, reinvented based on the much-loved lines of a machine once produced by the Treviso-based company.

This coffee machine was designed by the Turin-based Adriano Design Studio

It features a rear panel with vertical stripes illuminated by sparkling LED lights which contribute to the overall visual experience, which is one of glamour and star appeal.

Inspired by the brightly-coloured graphics with their clean, bold lines, the stripes are the real stars of this alternative, pop-culture design. Minimalist yet psychedelic, with fluid curves that will attract customers’ attention and make them feel part of a unique scene.

The shot timer for each group has been recently improved, while the steam wands have a wider diameter to allow the steam to be dispensed more effectively.

The folding grille means it can be used not just for espresso cups but also for glasses for latte-based drinks.

Available in five brilliant colors, Hollywood is completely at home in the spotlight

It might be compact, but this attractive machine shows sophisticated style. Its distinctive looks make it the perfect way to set the tone in any setting, with a bold, unmistakeable signature mark. Because Hollywood is much more than a symbolic logo – it’s a genuine way of life.

Hollywood in Seventy words – Five pop-art colors for compact, fluid curves

Characterised by bold stripes and cinematographic LED lights. The shot timer, which indicates the extraction time for each individual group, has been improved, along with the new, steam wands with a wider diameter. The flap racks means it can be used not just for espresso cups but also for glasses for latte-based drinks. In the SAE version it’s possible to pre-programme six doses.


Established in 1969, Astoria is an Italian company that designs, develops and manufactures professional coffee machines. Experts and coffee lovers in over 150 countries across the world use our machines, thanks to an extensive international sales network and affiliated branches in the US, France, Romania and Russia.

The company headquarters in Susegana, Northern Italy, is a technological marvel covering 20 thousand square meters, making it the largest coffee machine manufacturing plant in the world. Developed on the principles of lean manufacturing, the factory vaunts a high-profile Research & Development division. Astoria is also a founding member of IEI and partner of the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo.

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