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ASIC Conference on Coffee Science to take place in Hanoi from 11-14 September, 2023

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HANOI, Vietnam – The 29th ASIC Conference on Coffee Science is now planned to be held 11 Sept. – 14 Sept. 2023 in Hanoi (Vietnam). ASIC (Association for the Science and Information on Coffee) has been existing for 56 years already and has organized regularly conferences on coffee science most usually every second year, trying to alternate coffee producing and consuming countries.

Vietnam is the second largest coffee producing country in the world and the largest producer of Robusta coffee. In the north of the country, Arabica coffee is also grown in the mountain areas.

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This conference represents a unique opportunity to gather specialists from all over the world working on different aspects of coffee science and technology. During the conference, all possible aspects of coffee science will be developed and the participants will be able to hear and share novelties on:

  • agronomy: genetics, botany, agrotechnology, pests and diseases, agroecology, etc.;
  • chemistry: coffee analysis, chemical composition, aroma, etc.;
  • technology: green coffee processing, roasting, grinding, extraction, decaffeination, etc.;
  • physiological effects: coffee and health.

Themes of the 29th ASIC Conference

Plant Science: Genetic/genomics for agronomic and quality traits and for adaptation to stresses, novel breeding technologies and plant selection processes.

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Plant pathology and protection: Understanding more about the pests and diseases that affect coffee and how to protect against them.

Farm management: The science behind the way people produce coffee, from farming and processing all the way to export.

Green coffee processing: Understanding and evaluating the methods of processing coffee after harvesting.

Sustainability, climate change and labels: Evaluating an array of sustainability practices that touch every level of coffee production and coffee industry.

Biochemistry, biotechnology and composition of green coffee: Understanding the maturation process and biochemical transformations happening to a green coffee bean as it grows.

Roasted coffee technology and processing: Evaluating the impact of various drying, roasting, grinding and brewing techniques.

Coffee chemistry and sensory sciences: Evaluating the science and chemistry of roasted coffee, and understanding how these are linked to the formation, composition and degradation of flavor from a chemical, physiological and sensory perspective.

Health and safety, consumption and quality trends: Coffee’s overall effect on the human body, from both a production and consumption standpoint.

Early bird registration for the online Conference is until: Friday 1 September 2023.

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