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ASIA – Indonesian Coffee Festival 2013 to be held in Yogyakarta on September 14 to 15

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YOGYAKARTA – After a successful Indonesian Coffee Festival 2012, another one entitled “Tubruk Coffee, The Local Lifestyle” will spoil coffee lovers again this year. Tubruk Coffee is a name given by local people for thick black hot coffee. Each region in Indonesia has their own unique ways to enjoy the tubruk coffee.

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It has been considered a lifestyle for the local people.

In this year’s festival, the coffees fans can witness, learn about, and taste the diversities of the Indonesian tubruk coffee. If you are one of the coffee lovers, you should not miss the event, which is being held in Ambarukmo Hotel, Yogyakarta from September 14 to 15, 2013.


Therefore, the festival aims to further promote this popular tradition found throughout the Indonesian islands of drinking hot, freshly brewed coffee.

The festival will also feature a number of workshops including a Barista Workshop, a Roasting Workshop, Coffee Talk, Indonesian Coffee tasting program, trips to Coffee plantations, and various entertainment activities.

The Indonesian Coffee Festival is a cultural festival, emphasizing the culture of Coffee, or to be precise, the culture of Coffee drinking.

Participants of the festival can be identified into four communities: first, the community of Coffee houses, cafés, and restaurants which place coffee among their main menu.

Second, the Coffee lovers communities and individuals who simply love coffee; third, Coffee Bloggers; and fourth, are the coffee farmers and all coffee related businesses.

The Indonesian Coffee Festival 2013 is a collaborative work of The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, The Ministry of Agriculture, the Indonesian Special Coffee Association (AKSI), The Association of Coffee Exporters (GAEKI), and the Association of Coffee Exporters and Industry (AEKI).

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