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Asachimici, the owner of the pulyCAFF brand, gets ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 certifications

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VESCOVATO, Cremona, Italy – Asachimici – the owner of the pulyCAFF brand – based in Vescovato (Cremona – Italy) has obtained the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certifications. The three main areas covered by the certifications recently obtained by Asachimici, the owner of the “puly®” brands – ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 – are focusing on operational flows and an efficient internal organisation; protecting the environment and striving to reduce the company’s impact; complying with the best practice standards concerning workers’ health and safety.

All three certifications were issued by the AQC Middle East LLC certifying body. “It has been a long and arduous journey,” declared Gianfranco Carubelli, the CEO in charge of quality and safety at Asachimici®.

“We first contacted the certifying body in May 2020 and have since worked relentlessly to produce the required documentation. This quality choice not only affects the products themselves, but also incorporates company performance, our business’ environmental impact and the health and safety management system: an important added benefit and an additional guarantee of reliability for all those who use our products.”

A more in-depth look

The three certifications obtained by Asachimici® concern the production of cleaning products, detergents and bleaching agents in liquid or powder form, intended for professional and domestic use:

  • ISO 9001 certifies the company’s ability to make its production processes transparent and its internal organisation more efficient.
  • ISO 14001 guarantees legal compliance, knowledge of environmental commitments, understanding regarding what can be done to reduce and manage environmental impact, e.g. improving environmental performance.
  • ISO 45001 guarantees compliance with international occupational health and safety standards.

Asachimici: New certifications, but the same safety you’ve grown accustomed to

The new certifications complement those issued by NSF International – National Sanitation Foundation – the very strict US body concerned with the protection of public health, which can be found on the pulyCAFF® Plus, pulyMILK® Plus and puly COLD BREW® packaging. These products are formulated with USFDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration)-recognised raw materials and are truly able to do what it says on the ‘tin’: they clean without harming the operator’s safety, the environment or the parts of the equipment with which they come into contact.

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