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ASACHIMICI – Silver Sponsor of the UK Barista Championship 2015

Hygiene Made in Italy by Asachimici was chosen again as a Silver Sponsor of the SCAE UK Barista Championship for years 2015-2017. In 2015 the finals will be held in Scotland for the first time as part of Scot Hot, the main hospitality, tourism and food & beverage fair in Scotland, scheduled for 4 and 5 March 2015 in Glasgow.

“It is a commitment that we renew with pride and great determination –says Gianfranco Carubelli (PICTURE), CEO responsible for quality and safety -. As we have already shown in the 2014 edition, our ever-growing choice of products, some of which are certified by NSF, the National Sanitation Foundation, all respectful of the operators and the environment, allows us to face this challenge and meet the needs of very demanding operators such as the competitors of a national semi-final and even more of a final. ”

Asachimici with Jaguar Espresso, official distributor for the UK of its products, is close to baristas also in the competitions that are gradually decreeing the candidates who will compete in the finals in Glasgow.

For operators sensitive to environmental issues have been developed two interesting innovations: pulyCAFF Green Power, phosphate-free, to remove everyday dirt from brewing unit, filters, filter holders and all the water passages, and pulyGRIND Hopper, which removes dirt from the bell of the grinder.

“They were made in response to a market that is moving towards a sustainable direction – keeps saying Carubelli -: they are variants of the classic products already on the market in which the ingredients are even more refined and renewable and packaging is composed of recycled and recyclable materials” .

To these are added the classic Asachimici products, increasingly popular all over the world.

– pulyCAFF, the daily solution for the cleaning of the espresso machine: it removes fat residues, descales, removes old coffee deposits, and neutralizes odors from the brewing unit, filters, and filter holders, exhaust solenoid valve and all water passages;

– pulyMILK, the cleaner that effectively cleans the steam spout thanks to its balanced formula that first attacks milk protein, and then cleans fat and removes scale, to be used every day at the end of the service;

– puly Barsteryl that daily cleans and sanitizes the hopper, the dispenser, the body of the espresso machine, and the surfaces in the bar;

– pulyGRIND, single-dose sachets of small crystals based on gluten-free food starches, with very high absorbency for oils and fats, to be used twice a week to remove residues from the grinder blades;
– Puly Descaler Espresso, descaling liquid in 125 ml thermoformed single dose (each pack contains two), suitable for cleaning of filter machines and small espresso makers with inner tank. It acts quickly, no hazard sign is on the package, and its use is recommended once a month.