Monday 29 May 2023

Aroma System grows and moves closer to Ica’s headquarters with a strong signal of expansion

With the expansion of Aroma System's production facilities and its move closer to ICA's network, there is every reason to simplify, speed up, and optimize coffee capsules and packaging production

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BOLOGNA, Italy – The inaugural ceremony for the extension of Aroma System ‘s production facility has just concluded. The inauguration, which took place in total safety following the health regulations in force and is an opportunity for colleagues to get together, showed how the company could evolve.

Now that Aroma System has expanded its operational processes and optimized its logistics thanks to its physical proximity to the ICA network, the companies can collaborate and communicate better, with a marked improvement in timing, understanding, and quality.

Aroma System
Inside Aroma System’s new plant

The collaboration between Aroma System and the ICA network seems to dictate a single, cohesive market trend: companies complement each other in their needs and products.

A picture of the event

Aroma System thus continues to grow to increase its output while also integrating a dynamic and competitive “research and development” department, with an increasingly sustainable and green focus for both the company and the consumer.


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