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Angola’s coffee situation to change in 15 years

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The current situation of the Angolan coffee might change in 10 to 15 years, should specific cooperatives be set up to industrialise and exporting the product. This was said by the president of the Association of Coffee and Palm (Cafang), João Ferreira.

The official was speaking to Angop, saying the plan is based three pillars he considered essential for the relaunch of coffee production Angola was the fourth major production in the 1970s, with 200,000 to 240,000 tons a year.

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According to Cafang manager, the creation of a specific entity to finance the sub-sector, the creation of cooperatives and their industrial reorganisation are the linchpins for coffee to be again an important commodity for the balance of payment and the State budget.

With a specific entity to finance the coffee subsector, he explained, the concerns of farmers would be addressed as such an entity would focus on evaluating and treating both the bureaucratic process for land acquisition and feasibility study, or to obtain financing.

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For example, “entrepreneur presents his project, institution or bank analyses it, helps improve and forwards it in such a way that the business is effected, which is the production of coffee,” he said.

As for the creation of specific coffee cooperatives, the president of Cafang justified, recalling that in the colonial days, the cooperatives existed and helped to boost production.

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