Tuesday 30 May 2023

Ancap porcelain: Serve the best coffee whilst keeping your customers safe

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MILAN — The hospitality industry has been thrown into a frenzy: on 18th May, bars and restaurants were given the green light to reopen their shutters in Italy, but not without a myriad of important issues to deal with, food safety being one of them.

What’s needed are tools which can guarantee the highest levels of safety for customers whilst maintaining the quality of the food and drink served, starting with coffee, the classic Italian way to start the day.

Porcelain continues to be the most suitable material, as the lack of porosity prevents oils and foods from being absorbed. Once a porcelain cup has been professionally cleaned according to HACCP standards, it will be completely sanitised, so that there are no traces of any previous contact remaining. And what’s more, it guarantees that the taste and quality of the drink inside will be placed centre stage.

Confirmation can be found in the latest guide produced by Ceramics of Italy, which lends its support to porcelain and Italian crockery, and which also involved a collaboration with Ancap.

All Ancap products, including cups, are made from hard Feldspar porcelain without fail, fired at 1400 °C, which guarantees a high resistance to knocks, scratches and thermal shocks, as well as compliance with the most stringent international hygiene standards.

By opting for Ancap porcelain, you’ll be opting to use high-quality, professional tools, 100% Made in Italy and designed to guarantee the best-tasting coffee. Cups have been given the precise shape and thickness to showcase the taste, aroma and appearance of an espresso, preserving its warmth and helping to keep the crema.

Porcelain is also a step in the direction of sustainability as, far from being a throw-away product, it maintains the same technical characteristics over time.

Read the guide here: https://www.ancap.it/it/item/116-il-decalogo-della-porcellana-e-della-stoviglieria-italiana.html


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