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Amt Coffee streamlines business with Epos Now Point of Sale Systems

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LONDON, UK — Known as one of the UK’s largest and most ethical coffee chains, AMT Coffee has adopted the software and hardware solutions of global point of sale provider Epos Now to streamline business operations and cut costs.

The rollout of Epos Now solutions consists of more than 80 devices across AMT Coffee’s many locations in England and Ireland. Epos Now brings a modernized and efficient system to AMT Coffee’s many locations, harnessing cloud technology to manage stock, coordinate reports and process day-to-day operations at the large coffee chain’s locations in airports, railway stations and hospitals throughout the UK.

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“AMT Coffee was using a legacy point of sale system, meaning they weren’t leveraging cloud-based technologies,” says Epos Now Global Business Development Director, Edward Johnson. “We offered a solution that was not only a good fit with their brand, we were also able to eliminate the costs they were incurring using separate ePOS and stock management solutions. Our end-to-end stock management and robust reporting capabilities were a major factor in AMT choosing Epos Now.”

Founded in 1993 by three brothers, AMT Coffee was first national coffee company in the UK to use 100% biodegradable cups and lids, as well as the first to receive the Fair Trade Mark. The private company prides itself on being 100% British and completely dedicated to customer satisfaction, making every drink made to the customer’s preference.


“Rolling out Epos Now has been one of the easiest projects to undertake,” says AMT Coffee’s IT Manager, Jamie Stables. “Once we did the leg work with configurations, going to site and installing has been easy. The iPad EPOS system has cut down install times from about six hours (with old suppliers) to about an hour and a half, meaning we have been able to install new tills in three sites a day with just one team. The support and help from Epos Now has been great, we haven’t needed them often, but when we have, it’s been first class and very quick turnaround to fixing our problems.”

About Epos Now

Launched in 2011, Epos Now is a cloud-based software provider, specialising in the design and manufacture of electronic point of sale. It was founded on a belief that all businesses and entrepreneurs should be able to leverage the power of both cloud computing and modern technology to power their businesses. Epos Now helps to improve both the lives of our customers and their businesses.

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