Wednesday 29 May 2024
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Amazon & Behmor: The voice-controlled artisan coffee machine

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INCLINE VILLAGE, NV, U.S. – Behmor now has an Alexa skill, which can control your Behmor artisan coffee machine – all via voice! It’s the first time such smart technology has been applied to a gourmet coffee maker, and it’s also surprisingly affordable.

Simply ask Alexa to tell your Behmor coffee machine to make your favorite drink. In addition, Behmor now has the ability to reorder your coffee via Amazon Dash!

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Amazon needs no introduction: the largest internet-based retailer in the world, it had a net income of 135 billion USD last year.

And one of their newest offerings is Alexa, an AI. Using a smart device such as the Amazon Echo, consumers can ask Alexa questions from across the room.


What’s more, it can also used to operate certain equipment and machines – such as Behmor’s coffee makers. It’s the latest step in Amazon’s impressive path towards making life as quick, easy, and convenient as can be.

As for Behmor, it’s a manufacturer of coffee makers and roasters, as well as the force behind Behmor Inspired: an initiative that has helped over 30,000 farmers in Central America to produce better coffee and earn better wages by providing them with roasters.

Behmor’s products are targeted at the home user, and loved by specialty coffee drinkers around the globe. They are also all Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) certified – in fact, their Connected Brewer is the world’s first SCA-certified smart brewer.

While normally artisan products are associated with low turnovers and small businesses, for San Diegan CEO & Founder Joe Behm, Amazon is their “ideal partner”.

“Good coffee should not be difficult,” he says.

That’s why they’ve chosen to use Amazon’s Alexa Skills and Dash programs – because the more convenient they can make the gourmet coffee experience, the more people can participate, and the more impact the company can have on people’s lives all around the globe.

The award-winning Behmor Connected Brewer allows users to configure craft-brewing parameters in seconds. It brews up to 8 cups at one time. And it’s available – on Amazon, of course – for as little as $199.

Alexa, start brewing my coffee.



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