Tuesday 25 June 2024
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Allawake Coffee offers a unique blend and brewing method for pour over coffee

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LOS ANGELES, U.S. – When Rahul Gindwani and Mio Larasati returned home to Los Angeles after a trip to Indonesia, there were a lot of things they missed. Coffee was way up on the list, as was the pour over brewing method they became accustomed to. So, the pair did what all great entrepreneurs do – they set to work creating a business to combine two of their favorite things. And Allawake Coffee was born.

Allawake Coffee recently introduced its single-serve pour over coffee. Its Sumatra Mandheling Gayo blend is sold in single-serving drip-bags that can be easily hung from the sides of a coffee mug via attached paper handles. Then consumers just pour boiling water over the drip-bag and its ready for consumption. Or, as the company’s slogan so aptly puts it: Hang. Drip. Sip.

The coffee and café industry considers pour over coffee to be the best brewing technique available. Yet the associated cost and brew time are often seen as its drawbacks. Allawake Coffee addressed that via its simple drip-bag design and the quality of the premium coffee it contains – which is sourced from the highlands of Sumatra. The complex flavor has notes of chocolate, spices and fruit with low acidity.

If statistics from the National Coffee Association are any indication, Allawake Coffee’s premium, single-serve pour over is a product that’s time has come. Of the 64 percent of Americans who drink coffee, 79 percent of those same people brew coffee at home at least once a week. So, it stands to reason that since they are eliminating the middle man – or barista in this case – they probably like their coffee promptly each morning.

“Everyone wants a great cup of coffee but most of us are also on-the-go. Traveling. Racing to and from work. We wanted to give people a chance to experience the unique fruits of Indonesia’s rich agriculture and signature coffee yet do so through a fast and affordable pour over method. We’ve received excellent feedback in our beta tests and are now excited to introduce our pour over coffee broadly,” said Larasati.


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