Tuesday 18 June 2024
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A whole month dedicated to coffee training by Bazzara

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TRIESTE – Last month ended with many satisfactions for the Bazzara Academy: the 30-days period started with two meetings dedicated to the Espresso Experience, a one-day full immersion course regarding solely the espresso extraction method that saw many participants from all over Europe.

After that, Bazzara organized two courses of the SCAE Roasting module – Roasting Foundation and Roasting Intermediate: three days in a row to better understand the coffee roasting process.

Moreover, the trainees learned how to influence sensory features of coffee by means of changing the roasting profile and how to limit roasting defects, as well as managing the physical transformation of the beans and better organizing the workspace in order to enhance production.

The Bazzara Academy welcomed professional roasters, in constant search for the development and improvement of their technique, as well as aspiring roasters, looking to lay the ground for roasting on their own. Bazzara also welcomed a few baristas.

During the Barista Skills, Barista Foundation and Barista Intermediate training the baristas and bar owners from all over Italy and many other countries learned how to cope with coffee grinders, how to prepare a perfect espresso, how to froth milk in order to make a perfect crema, the basic rules of food safety, service and business management.

To sum up: the trainees followed a very in-depth path customized for them, structured so that they could analyze in depth the topics that they required according to their business.


An intensive training for three days in a row

The three-days course managed to cover a variety of topics, ranging from coffee production processes, both on a theoretical and on a practical level, green coffee selection, roasting techniques, different extraction methods and professional cupping techniques.


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