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A sweet collab: Chewy Chips Ahoy fudge filled cookies inspired by Hershey’s

Chewy Chips Ahoy
CHIPS AHOY! teams up with HERSHEY’S to release a new limited time only offering that brings two classic brands together

NEW YORK, US – As we enter the height of the summer season, Chips Ahoy!® is giving fans an all-new satisfyingly sweet snack to bite into. The Chewy CHIPS AHOY! Fudge Filled Cookies brings the iconic taste of Chips Ahoy! combined with Hershey’s inspired fudge flavor they will love with a rich fudge filled center. The mouthwatering new combo is just the treat you need when combined with ice cream for the ultimate summer sundae which can help turn any summer day into a Fundae.

“At CHIPS AHOY!, we’re all about helping fans find their happy place. With summer fun in full swing, there couldn’t be a better time to introduce the new Chewy CHIPS AHOY! Fudge Filled Cookies inspired by HERSHEY’S to make the season a little sweeter and our taste buds a little happier with this new cookie,” said Sabrina Sierant, Associate Director, CHIPS AHOY! at Mondelēz International.

“For a creative, fun and delicious treat, top your favorite ice cream with new Chewy CHIPS AHOY! Fudge Filled Cookies inspired by HERSHEY’S to turn any ordinary day into a Fundae.”

CHIPS AHOY! continues to look for ways to provide consumers with exciting twists on the classic chocolate chip cookie through new flavors and ingredients.

In partnership with HERSHEY’S, Chewy CHIPS AHOY! Fudge Filled Cookies is the brand’s latest cookie creation in the CHIPS AHOY! portfolio of delicious cookies with mix-ins to offer satisfying deliciousness.

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