Tuesday 21 May 2024
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Accademia del Caffè Espresso launches in Florence as a coffee cultural center

Nestled among the hills of Florence, Accademia is an open and shared space, attracting visitors to generate passion and expertise on the all-Italian and now global ritual of espresso. Guido Bernardinelli (CEO of La Marzocco): Accademia is a way to give thanks to our territory, with an investment of 6 million euros.

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PIAN DI SAN BARTOLO (Florence, Italy) – Accademia del Caffè Espresso, the cultural centre founded by La Marzocco to promote espresso coffee, officially introduces its projects and offerings to the territory. Housed in the old La Marzocco factory, today Accademia wants to become a cultural attraction, where the commitment to research combines with a skilled approach to coffee’s roasting and extraction process.

Accademia acts to create awareness on coffee as a whole – from its botany and origins to its extraction and consumption.

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Through the exhibit as well as the laboratories, Accademia sheds light on the less-known aspects of the coffee world, offering alternatively basic notions and detailed analyses of the various themes related to coffee and espresso machine technology.

Another important objective for Accademia connects to the investment in research and high-level education. That’s why Accademia is partnering with Florence and Rome universities to develop research and master programs.


“Accademia is an innovation and research center” Stated La Marzocco’s CEO Guido Bernardinelli, “But it’s also a way to give thanks to the territory.

Accademia la Marzocco
Accademia la Marzocco

La Marzocco was born in Florence, and it’s here that we keep producing our espresso machines.

With Accademia, we invested 6 millions on the territory. With this investment, and with Accademia becoming a destination, we plan on bringing more value onto the territory.”

Accademia la Marzocco
Accademia la Marzocco

“I am extremely glad that a place like Accademia was founded in our city” said Anna Ravoni, Mayor of Fiesole.

“A long and important history. Accademia is a reference for the coffee world, and coffee needs to be enhanced and promoted, as much as wine and oil. I am sure that Accademia will play a huge role for the territory, as well as for tourism and school education. Moreover, Accademia will take an active part in the Fiesole biological district.”

Accademia la Marzocco
Accademia la Marzocco

“Accademia is an example of excellence for research and culture” stated Federico Ignesti, Mayor of Scarperia and San Piero. “It testifies La Marzocco’s commitment to the territory, its will to invest, grow and create employment in the area.”

Accademia del Caffè Espresso Via Bolognese 68, 50014 Pian di San Bartolo, Fiesole (Florence), Italy +39 055 8491999


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