Wednesday 10 August 2022

A new iOS app for coffee exploration – Driftaway Coffee’s new app

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BROOKLYN, U.S. – Available today, Driftaway Coffee announced the launch of their new coffee app. The app offers users the ability to explore the world of coffee through a unique approach to taste-matching.

After signing up for a no-risk trial of the company’s coffee subscription service, users can easily input their taste preferences, create tasting notes about the coffee they’ve tried, and easily log-in to manage their account details.

The Driftaway Coffee app is unique in the app world. The first of it’s kind, it offers iOS users the chance to make tasting notes about the coffee they’ve tasted.

After signing up for the Driftaway Coffee service, customers will receive a sampler pack of four coffee styles.

App users will be able to login to their profile, rate and rank the coffee based on a variety of characteristics, and make additional tasting notes.

The app will then aggregate this data and determine an ideal coffee profile for each user. This profile will be used to send future coffee shipments from Driftaway Coffee, with each shipment perfectly matched to the user’s individual taste.


Driftaway Coffee is a web-based coffee subscription service founded in 2013, and living at the intersection of food and tech. Each week, they freshly roast and ship coffee to customers all over the United States.


During the experience of roasting and shipping coffee to thousands of subscribers around the country, it became evident that exploring coffee through the use of a tasting kit was a critical (and enjoyable!) part of an individual’s coffee journey. Customers have rarely been presented with coffee in this fashion, and it this app allows for exploration of personal taste preferences.


After signing up for a Driftaway Coffee subscription plan, you will receive a sample pack of coffee from around the world, each with a unique roasting style.


After brewing and drinking each type of coffee, you can use the CoffeeApp to input your tasting notes. Through the use of sliders, buttons, and text forms you can easily identify your favorites. The app will aggregate this data and determine an ideal coffee profile for you.


Driftaway Coffee will use your coffee personality to personalize future shipments to your individual taste profile.


“I didn’t know coffee could taste this different!”

“Just wanted to thank you again for the opportunity to have great freshly roasted beans and for educating on the marvelous diversity of coffee taste.”


• Easily sign up for a Driftaway Coffee account
• Quickly manage account details
• Large text fields allow for detailed note taking
• Instant access to repository of how-to articles and blog posts
• Features live chat/email support
• Change your coffee preferences at any time

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