Wednesday 29 May 2024
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A coffee shop with a purpose opens in the heart of Honduras

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SAN PEDRO SULA, Honduras – In a bit more than a single year since launching their brand, Spirit Animal Coffee has opened its new flagship store in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. The new location is located in the sought-after area around the Hyatt Place hotel. It will feature high-end espresso beverages made from beans grown by local organic farms.

The flagship store will also offer pastries made by local bakeries, exclusive dishes signed by famous local chefs, and coffee novelties such as low-acid cold brew and nitro coffee. In addition, the new venue will boast privé lounges for corporate events as well as a very convenient drive-through service.

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“Our high-end coffee beans have already started to gain traction on the international specialty coffee scene. But we felt it was a big gap that our own people, our fellow Hondurans, did not have a chance to experience the best our coffee farmers have to offer. It was a bold move as we are seen as a “white crow” in the specialty coffee scene since not many brands buy locally and sell locally. But it was perfectly in line with our motto, “You’re only limited by the things you don’t do,” says President and Founder Kathya Irías.

Spirit Animal was founded with a mission to promote sustainable coffee culture and provide shade-grown organic Honduran specialty coffee to consumers around the world. These coffees are responsibly sourced from family-operated farms that prioritize environmental conservation, fair labor, and quality products. Their commitment to sustainability extends beyond just the coffee itself. They also work to promote responsible farming practices, support sustainable community initiatives, and educate on the importance of coffee cultivation.


With this in mind, the new location will also serve as the company’s primary training ground for all employees, where they can learn about coffee cultivation, roasting, brewing techniques, and meet the farmers who grew the coffee.

About Spirit Animal Coffee

Spirit Animal Coffee is an award-winning brand committed to developing and promoting sustainable coffee culture. They source their coffees from shade-grown organic farms right from Honduras and work with their partners to ensure fair labor practices. As one of the leading brands in Latin America, Spirit Animal’s organic Honduran specialty coffee has quickly become a favorite among global consumers.


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