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7-Eleven Opens First Airport Terminal Store in US


The first 7‑Eleven store located inside a U.S. airport terminal is ready for take-off at Los Angeles’ International Airport (LAX) with a first-class selection of products and services tailored to travelers and airport employees.

7‑Eleven, Inc., Westfield and LS travel retail North America, the concessionaire operating this new location, will hold a grand opening on June 24 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
7‑Eleven’s inaugural U.S. airport terminal location is in the pre-security arrivals level of the Tom Bradley International Terminal.

Captain for the new store is Tim Montalbano, area manager for LS travel retail, who employs a full-time team supervisor plus a crew of six full-time and two part-time staffers for this store.

“With a post-security environment that rivals some of the world’s best airports in design, dining, retail, and amenities, we are pleased to begin debuting the next phase of the new Tom Bradley International Terminal within the pre-security area”, said Keith Kaplan, Westfield’s vice president of development.

“We are confident this 7‑Eleven concept will enhance the experience of arriving travelers, the throngs of people who wait to meet and greet them and thousands of LAX employees.”

“We are proud to count 7‑Eleven as one of our brand partners and to be opening their first ever location in a US airport”, said Vadim Motlik, chief development officer at LS travel retail North America.

“As the ultimate leader in the convenience market, 7‑Eleven will perfectly meet the needs of our LAX customers. Both 7‑Eleven and Westfield are committed to providing the best shopping experiences, and we will continue to work closely with their teams to keep delivering on this promise.”

For arriving travelers as well as airline and airport employees, the LAX 7‑Eleven store’s product mix of fresh and hot foods, beverages, snacks, travel-size personal care products and nonfood items is tailored specifically for them.

“We believe visitors and airport employees will be pleasantly surprised at how many of their travel and everyday needs 7‑Eleven can fill in just under 1,000 square feet,” said Norm Hower, 7‑Eleven’s zone leader for the greater Los Angeles area.

“Just as with every 7‑Eleven, we customize and cross-check each store’s product mix to offer what our customers want. Travelers and those in the travel industry have needs for products you might not find at a neighborhood 7‑Eleven. Whether they are arriving at their final destination or in the middle of a work shift, we look forward to serving the thousands who come through Tom Bradley International Terminal every day.”