Thursday 18 August 2022

Ernesto illy International Coffee Award: Finalist countries to be represented by nine artists

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LONDON, UK – To celebrate the 6th Ernesto illy International Coffee Award, illycaffè is renewing its special digital project that showcases creativity to paint coffee culture in a brand-new light. Nine international illustrators have been entrusted with the task of creating the award’s nine finalists’ strong visual identities. Through this initiative, illycaffè aims to use beauty and art to highlight a fundamental, major aspect of the company’s culture and ethics, as well as the core values underpinning the world of coffee farming and coffee producing countries.

An artist for every country to represent colours and flavours

Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Nicaragua and El Salvador have been announced as the nine finalist countries for the Ernesto Illy International Coffee Award.

The prize is dedicated to the visionary leader of illycaffè – the son of the company’s founder and a pioneer of the virtuous collaboration with farmers for the production of high-quality sustainable coffee.

The nine countries who have been chosen each have their own style, their representing artist will create a piece of artwork that symbolises the colours of their country and reflects the flavour profile of their coffee.

Nine countries, nine artists

Representing Brazil is Medeline Kate Martinez, an illustrator and graphic designer with a strong passion for photography; Sebastian Curi, an Argentinean illustrator and animator based in Los Angeles will portray the colours of Colombia.

Costa Rica is represented by the Irish artist and illustrator Mark Conlan; while the vibrant colours of Ethiopia are assigned to Yukai Du, a Chinese illustrator and animator.

A visual tale of Guatemala will be told by the surrealist graphic designer Marcos Guinoza. Honduras and its coffee, with notes of chocolate and caramel, will be drawn by the colorful and bold pen of Maggie Stephenson, a Polish artist and illustrator.

The Canadian illustrator and artist Myriam Van Neste, a former sculptor, will embark on bringing India’s charm and mystery to life, while Nicaragua has been entrusted to the British illustrator and artist Kit Agar, with her trademark geometric style.

Finally, Charly Clements, a British designer and illustrator, will help us discover El Salvador.

From November 25th until December 1st, the nine artists’ artworks will be unveiled on the artists’ own Instagram accounts and on illycaffè’s Instagram account.

The artists on instagram:

Brazil: Medeline Kate Martinez @madelinekate_illustrate
Colombia: Sebastian Curi @sebacuri
Costa Rica: Mark Conlan @markconlan
Ethiopia: Yukai Du @yukai_du
Guatemala: Marcos Guinoza @marcosgunoza
Honduras: Maggie Stephenson @_maggiestephenson_
India: Myriam Van Neste @myriam__vanneste
Nicaragua: Kit Agar @kitagar
El Salvador: Charly Clements @charlyclements

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