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The 5th Coffee & Tea Russian Expo was successfully held in Moscow

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MOSCOW, Russia — All records of visiting were broken this year at the 5th Coffee & Tea Russian Expo. The event took place in Moscow from 15th to 17th March.

Over 5000 concerned visitors came to the exhibition for 3 days, over 100 exhibitors, sponsors and partners presented their services products and know-hows, more than 140 deferent events were conducted by 110 speakers in 10 interactive areas; 100 volunteers, 80 judges were involved in 7 coffee and 4 tea competitions.

La Cimbali

A lot of guests noted the expo is improving from year to year and opening new ways not only for tea and coffee business but also for bean-to-bar chocolate, bakery and cacao.

The Russian Barista Days passed at highest level

7 championships for coffee professionals included Russian Barista Championship, Moscow qualifying round of Brewers Cup Championship, Moscow qualifying round of Latte Art Championship, Russian Cup Tasters Championship, Russian Coffee Aroma Championship, National Award Barista of the year 2018 and National Award Roaster of the year 2018.


Winners of National competitions were:

·         Best Russian Barista (WCE version) – Liliya Gadelshina, DoubleB Coffee&Tea

·         Best Russian Cup Taster (WCE version) – Ilya Khlyzov, DoubleB Coffee&Tea

·         Best Russian Coffee Aroma Estimator – Alexandr Karpunin, Broker Coffee

·         Best Barista of the year 2018 – Yury Fomin, Coffee Like

·         Best Coffee Roast Master 2018 – Sergey Tabera, Torrefacto

Winners of Moscow qualifying rounds were:

Moscow Brewers Cup (WCE version):

1st place – Roman Sterkhov, Tasty Coffee

2d place – Lev Reshetnyak, Micro Coffee House TCHK

3d place – Svetlana Shatokhina – Rockets Coffee Roasters

Moscow Latte Art (WCE version):

1st place – Ivan Gavrilov, Coffee House Sgushchenka

2d place – Nika Alexeeva, Rockets Coffee Roasters

3d place – Denis Nehkaev, Coffeeworkshop

4th place – Nikolay Shakov, Red Mango

Tea Masters Cup Russia joined 28 regional winners from all over the Russia and included 4 categories who will join Tea Masters Cup International 2018.

The winners were:

Tea Preparation – Polina Sagara,

Tea Pairing – Ekaterina Sokolova, Japanese Tea House in Mriya Resort&Spa

Tea Tasting – Nikolay Dolgy, Orimi Trade

Tea Mixology – Nataliya Prokhorenko, Kantata

In the frame of the exhibition besides the championships there were conducted 2 annual awards.

As a result of the judges voting there were named winners of The Coffee & Tea Packaging Award 2018

Best Tea Packaging 2018 – Departament Kofe (brand BRUMAS)

Best Coffee Package 2018 – Sense Asia Co. (brand Mr. Viet)

According the Coffee and Tea in Russia Magazine there were named and awarded persons of a Year 2017 in coffee and tea industries.

Person of a Year in tea 2017 – Olga-Alissia Daineko, tea master, she was rewarded for winning in Tea Masters Cup Russia 2017 and her prize place in Tea Masters Cup International 2017.

Person of a Year in coffee 2017 – Marina Khyuppenen, the owner of Cezve Coffee, she was rewarded for  contribution in popularity of brewing coffee in cezve, 1st place in the Russian Ibrik/Cezve championship 2017 and 2nd place in the World Ibrik/Cezve Championship 2017.

The Program of the Expo was very interesting and diverse and was spited between as already established areas  as well as new fresh spaces.

All the 3 days quests could try coffee and tea from the entire world in Brew Bar, Espresso Bar, and Coffee & Tea Lab. At the same time all coffee lovers could try coffee in Espresso bar from the best Russian barista performing during Barista Competition.

Coffee & Tea Practicum opened to visitors a lot of interesting facts about espresso, bean-to-bar chocolate, coffee taste wheel, capsule coffee, water taste and others.

Coffee & Tea Insight was full of interesting stories and educational seminars

With the support of MAY-Foods Company, Sharyn Johnston (founder of Australian Tea Masters) could come to the expo and speak about tea blending, traditions and innovations in tea market. There were seminars about water, super automatic coffee machines, bakery and public performances as well.

Business Case was full of visitors

The area opened secrets of an ideal coffee house, its menu, incomes and costs and also PR and blogging. There were presentations about alcohol in a coffee house, teamwork and personality. For people who want to know all about Russian tea and coffee markets there were analytics presentations from analytical agencies such as Euromonitor International, Nielsen, Rusteacoffee Association and Mildberry Agency.

Roasting Factory surprized guests with new topics about coffee roasting. Speakers shared their knowledge and life hacks of roasting for making an excellent cup of coffee. All around topics of green coffee beans, buying and trading were covered in the Factory.

Coffee & Tea Talks was a great experiment

There have been conducted varied panel discussions and round tables. Most of the attention attracted a discussion «Tea vs Coffee» as well as «Innovations vs Tradition in Tea» where the participants could vote for the winning point of view. There were also conducted discussions around specialty coffee, roasting in Russia and coffee house assortment. Speakers talked about how to open a coffee house, about service and what’s the 4th wave means. One of the most interesting presentations was a seminar about fakes in coffee and tea markets.

Tea Journey was a new area created for tea specialist and those who want to understand more about tea. The general sponsor of the area Julius Meinl Company created a comfort and soft atmosphere of a real teahouse. In the area there has been conducted seminars about tea qigong, herbal teas and ethno teas. Speakers talked about tea trends and pairing, highlighted Vietnam, Korean, Japanese teas, rooibos and other tea drinks.

Another one interactive area Drinks Hub opened successfully its doors this year

The first day of the program was about bean-to-bar chocolate, second day was fully dedicated to work with milk and beverages based on milk. The 3d day covered mixology topics and all micro trends such as coffee and spirits and nitro coffee.

All the three days guests could enjoy invigorating coffee Jardin and flowered tea Greenfield from the General sponsor of the Expo Orimi Trade Company. In a special zone sponsored by KOF Company visitors could relax from a business and overcrowded atmosphere and treat themselves to delicious bakery from Zhuravlevs Manufacture company.

All others could have a bite from Traveller’s Coffee company who became a catering partner of the Event. Another one pleasant surprise for the visitors was a water filling station and Water Bar from BWT Company where the visitors could try water from different filter systems and get recommendation on a filter system for their businesses.


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