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4C participated at International Coffee Week in Brazil on Nov 7 – 9, 2018

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BELO HORIZONTE, Brazil — Gustavo Bacchi – Managing Director of 4C Services and Michael von Luehrte, Member of the 4C Advisory Board participated in the International Coffee Week in Belo Horizonte in Brazil on Nov 7-9, 2018.

During the two-day Coffee Conference organised by GCP, Gustavo joined a panel discussion focusing on and around the aspects of impact assessment and measurement.

As a first point he explained the linkage of impact assessment and certification. During the certification audits a lot of on-the-ground data are being collected that support the 3 sustainability dimensions (economic, social and environmental).

This data is critical to develop the action plans for continuous improvement at farm level and provides the backbone for data-based impact assessment.

While in the past the auditing processes have been costly and needed many on-site visits, new technologies now use mobile apps, satellite imagery and overlays with several databases make the data collection and analysis process more efficient.

Computing and modelling capabilities allow for quick data processing of the impact performance indicators. Technology also allows audits to be more directed and specific, using a risk-based approach.

The concept of continuous improvement and impact assessment go hand in hand. Ultimately this becomes the KPI for the effectiveness of certification programs but also for specific project work, where sponsors/donors want to know the impact of their investments.

4C Services is a frontrunner in the application of this technology, leveraging proprietary analytical tools developed by its parent company MEO Carbon Solutions, and is also developing impact assessment indicators.

On a global level, impact assessment is still in its infancy stage – academia and the private sector need to catch up on definitions/measurements. But at the end the most important result is at producer level to implement meaningful improvements for day-to-day farm operations.

4C is the largest global certification system in the coffee sector, with a presence in 28 countries and auditing more than 400,000 producers. The focus of the certification efforts of 4C is on climate -friendly production methods and to preserve rainforests, which are under pressure from the consequences of climate change.

The International Coffee Week was part of EXPOMINAS – a trade show by the Brazilian coffee sector. An impressive 171 companies/cooperatives showed their products, let people taste their products and follow the competitions for barista capabilities and the best qualities of coffee produced. It was also a great opportunity for 4C Services to connect with several of our partners, deepen the cooperation and explain the new 4C approach focusing on technology.

During the event our partners COCATREL and COOXUPE launched local coffee brands carrying the 4C logo on-pack. Local Brazilian roasters are starting to look at sustainability as an integrated part of their company policies and consumer communication.  Brazil is the 2nd largest coffee consuming nation after the USA and has been growing constantly over the last years.

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