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Imaflora to offer 4C Code of Conduct implementation services

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In 2011, the 4C Association, the global multi-stakeholder platform for sustainable coffee, and Imaflora, the Brazilian Institute of Agriculture and Forestry Management and Certification, a non-profit organization in Brazil, entered into an innovative partnership to define joint efforts and expand their collaboration in Brazil.

Since then, the 4C Association Regional Office in Brazil has increased its capacity in terms of support and communication to 4C members, while Imaflora’s technical assistance team has been trained in the interpretation and implementation of the 4C Code of Conduct.

The two organizations are now taking advantages of the synergies they have developed to boost the positive impact on the coffee chain in Brazil.

As of 2016, Imaflora will offer 4C Code of Conduct implementation services. Imaflora will provide support to groups interested in setting up new 4C Units, as well as to existing 4C Units which need support to maintain their license.

Imaflora will also build capacity among other companies that aim to act as implementers and consultants for the 4C Code of Conduct.

The purpose of this service is to increase both the use of more sustainable production practices and the access to market for coffee farmers, generating positive changes along the coffee supply chain. 4C Units which already hold a 4C License will also benefit from greater support in the continuous improvement of their practices.


As the aim of the 4C Association is that 4C Units follow a path of continuous improvement beyond the baseline standard, Imaflora will not carry out 4C Unit verifications, but will maintain its position as member of the Sustainable Agriculture Network and accreditor for Rainforest Alliance Certified™ coffee.

“We are delighted to report that our partner Imaflora is now able to offer implementation services for new and current 4C Units in Brazil,” said Melanie Rutten-Sülz, Executive Director of the 4C Association.

“Imaflora has a wealth of technical expertise to contribute to 4C Units as they move along their sustainability journey.”

Building on this successful partnership in Brazil, the 4C Association is now working to expand its network of professional implementers in other regions.


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