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Ziggi’s Coffee signs new agreement for location in Thornton, Colorado

Ziggi’s Coffee Thornton

LONGMONT, CO – The latest franchise owners of Ziggi’s Coffee, business partners Dian Mangalapallil and S Peri, have signed an agreement to open a location in Thornton, Colorado, as they seek to diversify their portfolio. Mangalapallil, who has a background in mechanical engineering and owns a rental property was looking for an investment that would create stability and improved income for him and his family.

“I became a fan of Ziggi’s Coffee a year ago and my wife and I love it. It’s probably a thousand times better than the competition, in our opinion,” said Mangalapallil. “But the decision really came down to the numbers. Peri and I wanted to invest in something that is stable and has growth potential. With Ziggi’s, I was really impressed with the numbers and how much you could make. It was also reassuring to know that even through the pandemic, the company is growing. That really encouraged us that it was a safe bet as a first- time investment opportunity.”

In an unprecedented time of job insecurity and economic hardships, it was important to Mangalapallil and Peri to begin a journey where they could be their own boss and control their own destiny.

“Having a business under our belt is excellent because when you’re working for a corporate company, the job is good and it’s paying you money, but how secure is it?” said Mangalapallil. “We wanted a reliable business that will bring in money so that we always have a fall back plan.”

With one other Thornton location open, Mangalapallil and Peri hope to capitalize on the high traffic area off 1-25 and 120th Ave., where they and the team at Ziggi’s Coffee are currently looking at viable real estate options.

Ziggi’s Coffee currently has 26 locations, with 21 in Colorado and others in Arizona, California, Iowa, and Oklahoma, and 52 additional locations in development. If you are interested in franchise opportunities, please visit, www.ZiggisCoffee.com.