Tuesday 21 March 2023

Ziggi’s Coffee hits milestone with its 80th agreement, sets hefty goals for the year 2021

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LONGMONT, CO, U.S. – Ziggi’s Coffee has just hit a big milestone with the signing of its 80th franchise agreement and will soon bring its flourishing drive-thru coffee concept to the Centennial, Colorado area. The company’s latest franchisee, the Mote family, plan to open a location in the Denver suburb and expand the franchise’s reach throughout Colorado.

With 27 locations in five states and 54 additional units under development, the company is on target to meet hefty goals in the coming year. It projects to open 30 stores and enter up to 12 new states in 2021. Having 80 deals under its belt, the Ziggi’s Coffee franchise formula seems to be working, attracting only the finest in franchise candidates, like the Mote family.

Jessica Mote, a chemical engineering consultant, is taking the reins of this new project, alongside her family, and is eager to share her love of Ziggi’s Coffee with the community. Colorado natives, the Mote family live up North in Windsor, Colorado but frequently commute to Centennial where their son plays hockey.

“Pretty much everywhere we go, we search for a Ziggi’s to stop at but we realized it was mostly big chains down in that area,” said Jessica. “That was when I realized there was a great opportunity to bring Ziggi’s to the Denver suburbs. We already knew we loved coffee and we loved Ziggi’s as customers but once we began the franchise process, we were immediately drawn to the entire business model from the quality of the product to the speed of service and the customer satisfaction; it was the whole package.”

The Mote family knows a thing or two about quality. They used to own a cattle ranch in Wyoming that they built from the ground up and turned into a packaged grass-fed beef business. To them, it was all about providing a quality product to the customer.

“Our business focused on the product and on the quality of service, just like Ziggi’s does and that parallel was a big draw for us,” said Jessica. “We love that they locally source their products and that the coffee is roasted at Coda Coffee right here in Colorado.”

With a strong entrepreneurial and business mindset, the Mote family say they also really connected with the company’s owners and founders, Brandon and Camrin Knudsen.

“We really related to Brandon and Camrin and their story of having to start from the bottom and build your way up. You kind of have to fight tooth and nail to get to where you want to be and we really related to that,” said Jessica. “The fact that the company has strong family values, provides a quality product, and focuses on customer satisfaction; that’s something we can be extremely proud of as business owners and that was very important to us when looking for a business to invest in.”

Ziggi’s Coffee currently has 22 locations throughout Colorado, with 27 total, nationwide. The new agreement with the Mote family, along with the company’s announcement earlier this fall that it will be expanding into Colorado Springs, positions the company for rapid market expansion in the coming year.

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