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Zhuyeqing holds press event to present its achievements in the tea industry

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CHENGDU, China — On the 26th of December 2018, Zhuyeqing Tea, one of the leading brands of green tea in the world held its press conference “Ten Years of Quality Tea from Emei Mountain” to present its achievements during the the last decade.

The press conference was attended by hundreds of members of the press to discuss the reasons behind the tremendous success of Zhuyeqing Tea and the direction in which the brand will develop in the future.

Among the attendees were several industry leaders, such as academician Chen Zongmao, Jiang Nanchun, the president of Focus Media, the largest media group in China, financial writer Wu Xiaobo, and writer Cai Lan.

According to data released by the China Tea Circulation Association, in the period 2007-2017, Zhuyeqing Tea was at the forefront of premium Chinese green tea sales, boasting a leading position in global market share.

Ten years on, Zhuyeqing Tea still remains a high quality brand and market leader.

Zhuyeqing Tea is produced in the Emei Mountain dual-listed heritage site, situated 30 degrees above the equator in the Alpine Tree area, 600-1,500m above sea level. These two geographical factors render this area the most ecologically suitable environment for the production of premium green tea.

According to a report released by the Zhejiang Tea Research Institute, Chinese green tea is currently in the bottleneck period of production and the market has inverted, yet Zhuyeqing green tea remains at the forefront of the luxury tea market.

In the words of Wu Xiaobo, “production of Zhuyeqing tea began as early as twenty years ago, and yet its enormous success in such a short period of time represents just one of many development paths for the broader production of Chinese luxury goods.”

Moreover, President Wang Qing of the Chinese Tea Circulation Association, affirmed that “Zhuyeqing is not only a representative product of Sichuan, but is also representative of the collective desire of the Chinese people to enjoy luxury green tea.”

In addition to the excellent geographical conditions that foster its quality, Zhuyeqing Tea contains only the hearts of the buds and is picked before the Tomb-Sweeping Festival, which is believed to be the best time to harvest green tea.

Furthermore, Zhuyeqing has invested nearly one hundred million yuan to develop a customized tea production line in order to cement their position as a leader in digital production, academician Chen Zongmao referred to it as “laying the technological foundation for the entry of Chinese green tea into the global market.”

Behind this advanced technology are more than fifty benchmarks for testing the quality of the product, along with a comprehensive quality inspection process with more than thirty eight steps to ensure the quality that has ensured ten consecutive years of high-volume sales and market leadership.

At the same time, Zhuyeqing has also won the World Green Tea Congress Special Gold Award.

Zhuyeqing has been recognized by the Chinese government as an ideal representative of Chinese goods to the world.

China is the world’s largest tea-producing country. According to the International Tea Commission, the total export volume of green tea in 2017 was 294,000 tons, the second largest tea export market in the world. When it comes to green tea, China has always been the most important player in the market.

As the first brand of Chinese green tea, Zhuyeqing is one of the most sought-after products in the global luxury tea market. Wu Xiaobo has pointed that under the conditions of China’s staggering economic growth, Chinese green tea is shaping the global market via its huge production. Zhuyeqing Tea, with its excellent added value performs exceptionally well in global markets, representing the luxury goods that China has to offer the world.

Wu Xiaobo stressed that Chinese green tea urgently needs to adopt the approach that Zhuyeqing Tea has taken, using brand strength to promote the growth of added value in the production process breakthrough to international markets. Wang Yuefei agrees, that “brand strength and product quality complement each other” and that through this approach Chinese green tea can break through to international markets.

Emei mountain green tea has been presented to two Russian presidents as national gifts. Zhuyeqing Green Tea, as a brand, has lead the development of the green tea industry, into the international luxury tea market

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