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Your coffee purchase can help change a life on Tim Hortons Camp Day

NEW YORK, U.S. – On June 5, your coffee purchase can help make a difference in the lives of youth from disadvantaged circumstances across the country: on Tim Hortons Camp Day, restaurant owners of participating restaurants donate 100% of proceeds from every brewed coffee purchased in North America to Tim Hortons Foundation Camps.

A leader in youth development programming, Tim Hortons Foundation Camps support youth from low income homes between the ages of 12 to 16 – an important developmental time that helps shape who they will become as adults.

Through a multi-year, camp-based program, youth learn skills like leadership, resilience and responsibility which empower them to believe in their own potential and change their stories for the better.

With seven camps in North America that run Summer and year-round School Programs, youth are supported to thrive when they return home, to excel in post-secondary education, to succeed at work and to contribute positively to their communities. Entirely supported by restaurant owners, guests, and sponsors, Tim Hortons Foundation Camps invest in youth in every community Tim Hortons serves.

Supporting Tim Hortons Foundation Camps

  • Through June 5, guests can donate $2 to receive a limited-edition red, blue, green or orange Camp Day bracelet, while supplies last
  • On June 5, 100% of proceeds from every brewed coffee purchased in the U.S. and Canada is donated
  • Guests can round up their order total to the nearest dollar at participating Tim Hortons locations
  • Guests can make a one-time or recurring donation online any time simply by going to https://www.timhortons.com/ca/en/childrens-foundation/donate-now.php


“Camp was the constant variable in our lives that showed up and continued to say ‘you can!’ I would not be where I am today without the support of Tim Hortons Foundation Camps.”

– Shelagh Cole, Tim Hortons Foundation Camps Alumni

“Camp Day is as much a part of Tim Hortons as our Double Double is. In 2018, our guests helped us donate more than $13.1 million on Camp Day and this year I hope we can exceed this to help even more youth change their stories.”

– Alex Macedo, President, Tim Hortons

“Over the last 45 years we have helped give 275,000 youth a chance to change their future – but we can’t do this alone. It’s the generosity of Tim Hortons Restaurant Owners, guests and supporters year-round – but most importantly on Camp Day – that allow us to continue to provide more kids with lifelong benefits of this very specialized Tim Hortons camp experience.”

– Dave Newnham, President & Executive Director, Tim Hortons Foundation Camps


  • The Foundation was established in 1974 by Ron Joyce, co-founder of Tim Hortons, in honor of Tim Horton’s love for children and his desire to help those less fortunate.
  • Attending Tim Hortons Foundation Camps comes at absolutely no cost to youth or their families.
  • One in five youth grow up in poverty and when they grow up in disadvantaged circumstances the chances of the cycle of poverty repeating increases and their ability to develop necessary skills to become successful adults decreases*
  • Youth from low-income homes face additional obstacles when it comes to academic performance, relationship building and physical and emotional well-being*
  • Youth from low-income homes are more likely to experience a wide variety of illnesses, hospital stays, accidents, mental health problems, lower school achievement and early drop-out, family violence and child abuse*