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Yibin Sichuan China Annual International Tea Conference to be held in March

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YIBIN, Sichuan, China – The Yibin Sichuan China 2017 Annual International Tea Conference will take place from March 17th to 19th 2017, with registration from March 15th onwards, at the Yibin Crowne Plaza Hotel, which is close to the city centre and not far away from the Cuiping district, where some of the big tea gardens are located.

Yibin is a city of around 5 million people, located on the banks of the Yangtze river , at about equal distance from  Chengdu and Chong Qing.

There will be a shuttle service  for foreign delegates, from Chengdu International Airport to Yibin.

With a 2015 output of around 234,000 metric tonnes of tea the Sichuan province is the number 4 tea producer in China, after Fujian, Yunnan and Hubei.

According to Xin Hua, the Yibin tea gardens are nowadays  providing the biggest volume of early spring green teas.

Home to several terroir teas of longstanding fame, such as the Mengding Huang Ya, a famous yellow tea, the Emeishan Xue Ya, the Mengding Ganlu, the Zhu Ye Qing, some of the famous green teas, and the fine Chuan Hong black tea, made from buds only, Sichuan’s mountains  and river basin areas have rich soil and the right climate for high quality tea growing.

The capital city Chengdu is home to one of the biggest tea wholesale markets in S-W China.

In order to make the Sichuan teas better known within the Western consumer markets, one of the province’s biggest operators, the Sichuan Tea Group, has agreed a pact with some other 30 local tea producing companies to launch some joint promotional activities. www.scteag.com

One channel is the Annual Tea Conference cum Tea Exhibition, which will offer suitable means for cooperating for an efficient  marketing of the various  fine local teas amongst which the PGI – Protected Geographical Indication – and other POA teas- Protected Origin Appellation from Sichuan.

The Yibin Tea Conference organizers offer to host foreign tea professionals  for the duration of the event.

The Convention will comprise an important tea expo on the premises as well as a set of tea market related presentations and many meals and receptions, which will allow for networking with the local suppliers.

Although the protocol is expected to be quite formal the immersion in the legendary Chinese tea world and the many contact opportunities will be invaluable, bearing in mind the benefits of a short and direct supply chain.

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