Friday, September 22, 2017

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Gloria Jean’s stimulates growth via grant of area development rights

BRISBANE, Australia – As part of its efforts to accelerate growth in the United States, global speciality coffee house, Gloria Jean’s Coffees, today announced the grant of Area Development Rights for Chicago and Northwest Indiana. Mr Raed Naser, an experienced business professional, secured the Area Development Rights following ...

AVK Confectionary launches ground coffee line on Ukrainian market

KYIV, Ukraine – AVK Confectionary LLC (Kyiv), a large confectionary producer in Ukraine, with the launch of the ground cof...

South Korea’s imports of coffee products reached record levels in 2016

SEOUL, South Korea -- South Korea's imports of coffee products surged to record high levels last year on the back of burgeoning demand for the brewed drink, government data showed Friday. The inbound shipments of coffee products, such as raw beans, coffee beans and coffee capsules, reached 159,000 tons at the end of December.

South Koreans had 377 cups of coffee on average last year: Report

SEOUL, South Korea – South Koreans drank a total of 377 cups of coffee per person on average last year, mirroring brisk growth of the sprawling market fueled by a flurry of various franchises, a government report showed Wednesday. The average coffee consumption, based on South Koreans aged over 20, has grown at an ...

Japan dominates APAC coffee market, says Euromonitor in its latest report

LONDON – Despite the fact that the Asia-Pacific region has the lowest spend per consumer, this region holds the number three position in the world’s coffee market (as one of the largest contributors). The position results from the increasing middle class and the large local population. As of 2016, each APAC consumer spent ...

This chewable coffee candy is perfect for caffeine lovers on the go

MILAN – Dry Brew, as they say, "enables coffee lovers the enjoyment of having their coffee boost anytime and anywhere." A regular cup of coffee contains around 95mg of caffeine, according to Google, A piece of Dry Brew has 65mg so it's about 2/3 of a typical cup of coffee's caffeine in the form of a chewable candy.

Indonesians are drinking more coffee, local output remains uncertain

JAKARTA, Indonesia – Every year, the archipelago is jockeying with Colombia for the title of “the world’s third largest coffee producer.” As the country’s middle-class has grown in recent years – and local demand for coffee continues to rise – the price consumers pay in the supermarket for their favourite bag of ground arabica depends on rainfall in Indonesia.

In WWI trenches, instant coffee gave U.S. troops a much-needed boost

WASHINGTON, U.S. – On April 6, 1917, the U.S. declared war on Germany and formally entered World War I. By late June, American infantry troops began arriving in Europe. One thing they couldn't do without? Coffee. "Coffee was as important as beef and bread," a high-ranking Army official concluded after the war.

Coffee sector to drive food consumption in Italy, says industry trade group

MILAN, Italy – The Italian food sector is finally seeing some good times. After a 2016 with production and exports up but consumption flat, 2017 promises an across-the-board improvement: higher value, an acceleration in exports and increased domestic demand, according to forecasts from ...

Russians consumers are drinking more coffee, says report from Nielsen

MOSCOW, Russian Federation – Coffee sales are on the rise in Russia, growing by 1.2 percent in 2016 – according to data research company Nielsen. The trend represents a turnaround for the drink’s popularity in the country after sales fell by up to 0.5 percent in earlier years, RBK reports.