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World’s first coffee face mask AirX has announced new eco-fashion improvements

AirX the World’s First Coffee Face Mask announces new eco-fashion improvements.

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam – Born during the fight against the spread of COVID-19, AirX – the world’s first coffee mask, encourages great effort in establishing itself as a fashion trend. After a year of circulation, coffee mask AirX has upgraded to a new level. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a new normal of wearing face masks as a part of governments’ preventive measures against the deadly virus.

The promotion of mask wearing has led to a great increase in the production of disposable masks. According to The ASEAN Post, there are already 8,000,000 tonnes of plastics entering our oceans every year. A study in the UK cited by the World Economic Forum (WEF) found that if every person wore a single-use face mask a day for a year, it would create an additional 66,000 tonnes of contaminated waste and 57,000 tonnes of plastic packaging.

Where wellness meets sustainability

Product improvement is not only reusable and protective packaging, but also an adjustable nose clip as well as an easy face-fitting with flexible ear straps. The “new-and-improved” mask can be well customized for corporate logo branding and personal remarks with lines of new colors. In addition, a bendable metal bridge holder has been added to AirX face masks to tighten up the nose area with adjustable face covered with string ties using PowerKnit and FlexKnit technology. Replaceable bio-based filter is AATCC 100 certified by QUATEST 3, modified with medical – grade N95 respirator applied in European countries.

AirX is N95 face mask with triple antibacterial layers of protection. The outer and inner layers are woven from coffee yarn using PowerKnit technology, provides a comfortable fit but softness for sensitive skin. In the middle is the patented face mask filter made of coffee, while the mask is washable and reusable.

AirX: eco-friendly, yet eco-fashion

As a matter of fact, face mask becomes the must-have accessory that everyone’s wearing this season. In addition to the affordable price tags, it also inspires some luxury brands to sell the so-called luxury sake of fashion.

When Gucci made one for Billie Eilish to complete her all-Gucci look at the Grammys, as part of her message that her body is her own, for her eyes only, Burberry announces its face mask production and Louis Vuitton releases a branded face shield for its Cruise 2021 collection. Christian Siriano, Eckhaus Latta, and Rick Owens featured face masks on every model in their pandemic-aware collections.

Thanh Le, founder of AirX said that the rise of face mask eco-fashion helps to raise awareness to COVID – 19 relief efforts and the involvement of luxury brands as well as celebrities could maximize the sustainable and ethical purpose of face mask. Thanh marks that his goal is to focus on controlling the product’s quality instead of increasing output as well.

About AirXcoffee – www.airxcoffee.com

AirX, the new face mask from the Vietnam via Canada-based company, is touted as “the world’s first ever coffee mask”. The coffee component of the AirX Coffee Mask comes in two forms: the coffee yarn using “Powerknit technology” that comprised the mask itself as well as the biodegradable coffee air filter insert, made with “N95 / FFP2”, ready to supply in Vietnam and on over the world.