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World coffee exports up 4.6% in April to 10.7 millon bags, Ico figures show

Ico indicator

LONDON, UK – World coffee exports in April rose by 4.6% on year to 10.73 million bags thanks to bigger shipments from Brazil and Colombia. Exports of Arabicas were up 7.1% on year to 6.817 million bags, with higher volumes of Brazilian Naturals and Colombian Milds, while Other Milds saw a 1.6% decline over last year.

Exports of Robustas were slightly up on year (+0.5%) to 3.9 million bags.

Exports in the first 7 months of coffee year 2018/19 (Oct/18 to Apr/19) increased by 4.4% to 74.01 million bags compared to 70.89 million bags in the same period in 2017/18.

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