Thursday 19 May 2022

World coffee exports up 17 percent year-on-year in October, the Ico reports

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MILAN – World coffee exports rose to 10.41 million bags in October 2018, compared with 8.9 million in October 2017, or 17% year-on-year increase, the Ico reported on Monday in its monthly statistics. Both Arabicas and Robustas showed double digit growth.

Exports of Arabicas rose by 13.1% to 6.762 million bags. Shipments of Brazilian Naturals were up 23.6% to 3.831 million bags. They were followed by Other Milds (+9.8%), while Colombian Milds saw a 9.7% decrease on year.

Robusta exports surged 25.3% to 3.644 million.

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