Thursday 09 February 2023

Women in Coffee Business Round: Gender equality means good business

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MILAN – The “Win-Win: Gender Equality means good business” programme, in alliance with IWCA, presents the virtual business round:“Gender Equality means Good Business”, in which women led companies have the opportunity to show their products from Latin America to the world. The “Win-Win” Programme was created in partnership between UN WOMEN, the International Labor Organization (ILO) and the European Union, to contribute to women’s economic empowerment, recognizing them as beneficiaries and drivers of growth and development.

Aimed at women led companies, networks and companies with an active commitment to promoting gender equality and women’s and girls’empowerment, the Programme promotes business opportunities, alliances, joint projects and innovation among women in the European Union and Latin America.

The Programme established a partnership with International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA) , a relevant organization present in 27 countries, and 3 of them will present their products in this business round: Brazil, Costa Rica and Jamaica.

If your company is interested in buying exquisite coffees from women-led farms and contributing to gender equality in the coffee value chain, this opportunity is for you.

Register here to participate:

Schedule of Events – IWCA Online Business Round

June 3rd – 3pm-6pm UTC

Buyers are invited to prepare a 15 minute video or live presentation about their business and what kind of suppliers/products they are looking for.
> Producers and exporters from Brazil, Costa Rica and Jamaica can address questions.
> Organizer will contact you to schedule your presentation at your best convenience.

June 7th – 3pm-4pm UTC

IWCA Representatives present their work in their respective countries
> All registered buyers are invited and can address questions.
> Buyers will receive an exclusive catalogue of potential suppliers to make business.

June 8th – 14th

All registered buyers and suppliers can schedule individual meetings with the companies of their preference. The meetings will happen from June 14th-25th.
> Buyers can ask for meetings here:

June 14th-25th – 3pm-6pm UTC

Individual meetings – duration: 30 min
> All meetings will be pre-scheduled through tool.

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