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WMF Professional Coffee Machines wants to play a crucial role in the cruise industry

WMF Professional Coffee Machines

GEISLINGEN AN DER STEIGE, Germany – It’s not just a well-known fact among tourism experts that cruises are more popular than ever. In fact, the industry predicts – once the COVID-19 crisis is over – an increase of 10 million more passengers for 2027 compared to today’s figures. Shipyard order books are full to the brim and more than a hundred new ships will be launched over the next few years.

WMF Professional Coffee Machines is also on board, contributing to this impressive development with powerful and innovative technology. Fully automatic coffee machines from the southern German premium supplier fulfil all of the passengers’ coffee needs on around 75 percent of the cruise ships currently in service.

However, WMF’s role as market leader is not based on the quality of the machines alone. A global service network of subsidiaries, partners and WMF-certified service providers ensures that the machines prepare the best coffee specialities at all times – even on the high seas.

While the ocean liners are anchored in international ports, existing machines can be serviced and repaired or new models installed if necessary. Thanks to WMF’s extensive training, the service teams are well-prepared to support customers in implementing their concepts.

This comprehensive service approach ensures that the “floating hotels” are always equipped with high-performing and durable coffee machines as well as outstanding coffee quality.

The cruise market is booming. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that ships from 27 different companies are now sailing the world’s oceans. The one thing they have in common is that their passengers expect the highest level of catering options. In terms of coffee solutions, WMF Professional Coffee Machines has evolved into the undisputed market leader over the past 20 years.

A fact that is underlined by more than 5000 coffee machines, which are now used on a variety of cruise ships around the world. A large part of the industry relies on the technological ability and coffee expertise of the company based in Geislingen an der Steige.

WMF Professional Coffee Machines: The ideal solution for each ship

Depending on where the coffee machines are used on the ship (galley, bar, restaurant, etc.) and the design of the ship in question, different machines are suitable for different concepts. Thanks to its compact design, the WMF 1100 S fully automatic machine is, for example, an extremely efficient solution when space is limited and no more than 80 cups are to be prepared daily.

On the other hand, the WMF 1500 S+ and WMF 5000 S+ machines prove their worth when it comes to meeting medium or high demand. If a particularly large number of guests are to be supplied with high-quality filter coffee, the WMF 9000 F is the unbeatable choice.

The Internal Storage model is capable of preparing up to 500 cups per hour, while the External Storage model with integrated high-quantity brewing function can even prepare up to 100 litres in the same amount of time. If you want to combine quality and process reliability with the perfect barista feeling to offer your bar guests a very special experience, the semi-automatic WMF espresso portafilter is your best bet.

All machines are extremely durable and easy to handle when preparing coffee and for cleaning. Moreover, they meet the highest hygiene requirements, such as the stringent USPH criteria which are a must for cruise lines.