Monday 08 August 2022

With its stores in Milan and Rome, 101Caffè debuts in travel retail channel

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MILAN — 101Caffè has started an important project opening its stores in Milano Centrale and Roma Termini train stations, two of the largest railway crossroads of Italy and Europe., which is part of the brand development programme in “travel retail”.

This new channel non only represent an important share of turnover for the retail world, but is also a showcase continuously exposed to millions of people who link their trip to shopping experience.

101Caffè presence in the major railway stations of Milano and Roma is strategic for the entire franchise network: in fact many people know the brand already by means of other shops along Italy but looking at these stores in top locations they get immediately the feeling of the stregth of the brand, they even more appreciate it and consolidate their loyalty.

101Caffè business model is now enriched with a new channel, which is an important chance for brand awareness and new customers engagement.

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