Friday 09 December 2022

Whole bean coffee outdoor camping blend introduced by veteran-run brand Coletti

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HENDERSON, Nev., US – As a brand already highly regarded by customers for its ultra-durable, top-quality outdoor percolator camping coffee pots, Coletti is excited to introduce its first-ever coffee blend to market. The whole bean coffee outdoor camping blend has recently launched on Amazon.

According to the company, two years went into research and development to find the perfect blend of coffee beans, testing different mixtures of bean species from various growing regions and various elevations, and then perfecting the degrees of roasting. And for those looking for a robust drink, the company’s senior spokesperson says, “Our proprietary blend of specially selected coffee beans has yielded 20% more caffeine than the standard Arabica beans used by most specialty coffeehouses. We have selected beans from regions that provide a full-body taste that starts smooth and ends just a little bit spicy.”

Engineered for the outdoors, the brand has dubbed its dark roast coffee as “the ideal roast for any adventure.” With a combined 52 years of active military service, the Coletti  team of veterans are experts when it comes to making coffee outdoors, off-grid, and in some pretty strange places.

The company only uses organic USDA choice beans resourced responsibly and ethically through the Fair Trade Network, a movement designed to help producers in developing countries achieve sustainable and equitable trade relationships. From there, the company micro-roasts the beans in seven-pound batches at a medium to dark roast setting in a premium roaster handmade in the USA.

“Our process may sound overly engineered,” says the company. “But ultimately, we want you to have a coffee that gives an extra boost to enhance that next adventure or special moment.”

Coletti was established in 2016 to generate funds for access to Christianity in places where it is feared and misunderstood and to champion the freedoms of press, speech, and religion that are so connected to human flourishing. The company designates 10% of its profits to this mission.

Those interested in additional information about organic coffee beans or the company’s popular outdoor percolators should visit the official company website or Amazon storefront.

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