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Welcome to the Hemro Academy: The coffee grinding competence centre

Providing the customer with an ultimate aromatic coffee experience is the common goal for all members within the global speciality coffee industry. The preparation of an excellent cup of coffee takes more than beans and water though. It takes great passion, a lot of training and profound knowledge about the coffee’s long journey from the origin into the cup.

Starting with the variety, the farm, the harvesting and processing, moving on with the packaging and transportation and finally: the roasting and the brewing method.

Each one of these milestones has a certain influence on the final aroma profile of the coffee.
And likewise does the coffee grinder play a very crucial role, turning the beans into particles of the appropriate size for extraction.

Starting in 2016 the Hemro Academy welcomes coffee professionals to attend the coffee grinding competence course at the brand-new training centre in Hamburg, Germany.

During the 1- or 3-day-program participants will get exclusive insights on coffee grinding technology and learn exciting facts about the grinder’s influence on the taste of the beverage.

And as regular professional maintenance is mandatory to assure best performance, in-depth technical service trainings for Mahlkönig, Ditting & Anfim grinders are part of the program, as well.

By sharing a comprehensive know-how about coffee grinding the Hemro Group aims to contribute to a better quality and more consistency in the cups all around the world.

The definite schedule for the courses at the Hemro Academy are expected to be available by the beginning of 2016.