Wednesday 29 June 2022

WBC OFFICIAL MACHINE – VA388 Black Eagle Seattle can be booked in advance

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Nuova Simonelli, owner of the Victoria Arduino brand, is ready for the new challenge – to offer baristas competing in Seattle in 2015 and Dublin in 2016 a machine that will ‘exalt’ their coffee.

“Creating the best espresso machines is what we do every day, but we know how extremely important competition is for each of you baristas and how it can change your destiny in the world of coffee.

We know your efforts, your sacrifices, your passion. We are with you and we offer our support,” said the company in a statement

After revealing the espresso machine to be used at the World Barista Championship in Seattle (April 9-12), Victoria Arduino is launching a limited edition of the VA388 Black Eagle Seattle, featuring the same specs of the WBC Official Machine, which can be booked in advance on the company’s website.

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