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WBC 2015 – World Barista Championship goes to Australia

Sasa Setic’s incredible performance convinced all the judges: he is the 2015 World Barista Champion

BELFORTE DEL CHIENTI, ItalySeattle crowns Sasa Setic as 2015 World Barista Champion, where for the first time barista competitors used the Victoria Arduino VA388 Black Eagle, the 2015-2017 WBC official espresso machine.

Sasa Setic, is the second Australian barista to win the title (the first was Paul Bassett in 2003 in Boston). He entered the world of coffee 10 years ago as a barista before specializing in roasting.

In the last four years, however, he worked as an importer of green coffee and founded Ona Coffee and Project Origin.

During his performance, Setic worked with the Victoria Arduino VA388 Black Eagle, using “Sudan Rume” of Finca Las Nubes, Colombia, a coffee washed through a natural process of carbonic maceration.

Victoria Arduino, as the official partner of the World Barista Championship, awarded the Barista Champion with the innovative Mythos One grinder.

Its intelligent management of the grinding chamber temperature and the “Clump Crusher” system guarantee a constant dose and maximum regularity of the output stream.