Watch 3-year-old barista craft a cup of cappuccino


FORT COLLINS, CO, U.S. – A 3-year old boy apparently makes a really good cappuccino at his parent’s shop. Bindle Coffee in Fort Collins, Colorado is owned by Andrew and Jenn Webb. Recently, they posted the sweetest video featuring their son, Adler, who may very well be the world’s youngest barista — and it’s been going totally viral.

Not only does little Adler ask customers if they need drinks in the most adorable little voice, but he can make a cappuccino from beginning to end without a hitch. And he can’t even reach the top of the counter yet!

When Adler started taking an interest in the work, his father, Andrew, started photographing him and posting the pictures on Instagram.

The pictures caught the attention of an Australian coffee blog, and then an aspiring filmmaker, who made a short film about the toddler!

But Adler’s favorite drink? Chocolate milk – which, you guessed it, he can make himself!