Monday 08 August 2022

Wall Street Journal interviews Francesco Sanapo about the “coffee next wave” in Europe

In five years in Italy a new specialty bar will be open monthly, just like in Paris today” says the coffee champion

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FLORENCE, Italy – “Europe (Finally) Wakes Up to Superior Coffee”: this is the title of the article published saturday october the 3rd on the prestigious american newspaper Wall Street Journal on the paper versions released in Europe, Asia and America and also on line at this link, which reports an interview with Francesco Sanapo, multi awarded italian barista champion, written by journalist Karen Stabiner.

The article is about the “coffee next wave”, meaning the new coffee trends which, after taking over the United States and Australia, are now conquering Europe.


The journalist lists the best places where it’s possible to enjoy this superior coffee – defined by the use of Arabica beans, lightly toasted in order to preserve the full aroma and with a huge attention on the country of origin – starting from Ditta Artigianale, a coffee bar located in via dei Neri 32r, in the historical center, directed by Sanapo in collaboration with Caffè Corsini.

Ditta Artigianale, a two-year-old coffee shop that is the unofficial headquarters of an Italian coffee revolution.

It’s part of a paradigm shift that started in Scandinavia and is moving across western Europe, as baristas on the Continent adopt U.S. drip-coffee techniques, and espresso-based drinks elevated by Australians come full-circle to their Italian birthplace and to neighboring nations.

If Francesco Sanapo is around, you might get an enthusiastic tutorial along with your espresso or flat white (espresso with steamed milk microfoam) or V60 pour-over” , says the journalist.

Sanapo, interviewed and labeled “Italy’s leading coffee zealot”, explains how comprehensible is this new wave of specialty coffee because “here people drink coffee like a medicine, just to wake up.

And not because it’s a food product. In other countries the coffee culture is growing faster. In Paris they open a specialty coffee bar every month, it’s what will happen in Italy in five years”.

The article, on line with the title “Europe finally wakes up to superior coffee” was published saturday october the 3rd on the paper edition of the important newspaper, on the European, Asian and American releases.

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