Monday 29 May 2023

Wacaco’s new Picopresso portable coffee maker will delight coffee lovers

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HONG KONG, China — Worldwide leader in portable espresso makers, Wacaco Company Ltd, is bringing their most compact and pro-oriented portable espresso machine to market. The Picopresso is a high end manual espresso machine based on Wacaco’s patented and groundbreaking piston-driven espresso machine technology, as seen in the Picopresso’s predecessors the Nanopresso (released in 2017) and Minipresso (released in 2014).

The original Minipresso was the first of its kind and redefined the category of hand held portable espresso makers.

From that heritage and know-how Wacaco has developed a product that marries the convenience and versatility of an espresso maker that fits in the palm of your hand with the design and capabilities of a high end cafe quality machine.

This specialty coffee machine features a naked portafilter, so users will see delicious creamy espresso flowing directly from a standard 52mm 18 gram stainless steel filter basket during the brewing process. With the Picopresso there are no shortcuts.

Each home brewer must master the art of manual espresso making by dialing in the correct grind size, tamping, and perfecting pulling technique – their reward; an authentic cafe-quality espresso that will rival any expensive high-end machine.

“The world of manual home espresso enthusiasts is growing, and Wacaco is positioned to be at the forefront of this movement,” says Hugo Cailleton (co-founder). “Our machines have enabled millions of our customers to adventure and brew remotely in some amazing locations.” This new brewer is an assembly of quality; dedicated to elevating and extracting the essence of each coffee bean in flavor and character. With the Picopresso home baristas will have the opportunity to master both the artful and scientific aspects required by the “ritual” of espresso making.

The Picopresso is set to retail at $129.90 USD and will be offered at a discount for $99.90 USD during the launching period of June 15th – 31st via

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