Video shows Samsung Galaxy S7 passing the Hot Coffee Test


This video is designed not just to show how the Galaxy S7 is able to withstand water for a short period of time, but also how well it holds up in hotter than usual water.

In doing so, the Galaxy S7 is shown being booted up and then placed in a glass dish before hot brewed coffee (which comes from a coffee machine that is said to be able to heat coffee to 195 degrees Fahrenheit) is poured over the smartphone.

The Galaxy S7 remains on throughout the short time submerged in coffee and seems to operate and function as normal once removed.

Effectively passing the hot coffee test and confirming that if you do spill coffee over your brand new handset, the Galaxy S7 should be fine.

To try and mitigate against any criticism that there could be any form of time delay between the coffee being brewed and poured over the smartphone, the video then goes on to show the Galaxy S7 taking a direct coffee shower.