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VICTORIA ARDUINO – Special Preview of the new VA388 Black Eagle Gravimetric

Be part of it and test the Gravitech at Internorga in Hamburg from March 13th to 18th Stand A1 – 404, Hamburg Messe

With the new VA388 BLACK EAGLE GRAVIMETRIC Baristas can set the weight of ground coffee and liquid, directly in the cup, for a higher level of consistency and control over coffee brewing with maximum precision.

Baristas and coffee industry colleagues are welcome to enjoy the benefits of the VA388 BLACK EAGLE GRAVIMETRIC at Internorga in Hamburg before the global launch starts in Seattle next April 11th – save the date!

After the launch we will continue with the BE-GRAVI TOUR to visit various international fairs and cities.

With the Gravimetric technology the extraction is much more precise and especially is not affected by other factors, such as the shape of the filter, the tamping force or the condition of the shower and other things.

The Barista has always full control of each delivery, with a great and repeatedly consistency of the results.

With the new VA388 Black Eagle, Baristas can determine the optimal extraction condition for each type of coffee.

Join Victoria Arduino at the Internorga and test the VA388 Black Eagle GRAVIMETRIC!