Saturday 28 January 2023

Victoria Arduino opens today its new showroom in the heart of Barcelona

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BARCELONA, Spain — The opening day of the new Victoria Arduino showroom in Barcelona is going to be very interesting. They have organized a conference on coffee and on the new skills of Mythos 2 for Spanish roasters and baristas. It will take place on 29th November at 4pm, with the participation of André Eiermann, WBC semi-finalist in 2017.

The showroom will be set up in Avenida Diagonal 88, in the Poble Nou district, and it will be opened to the leading figures of the coffee industry.

They will have the chance to cup, discuss and, after the presentation of André Eiermann, to work with the machines and in particular with Mythos 2.

The new Victoria Arduino on demand grinder meets the needs of the baristas, ensuring an even more precise control of the grinding.

Mythos 2, thanks to the gravimetric technology, allows to measure with extreme accuracy the dose of ground coffee. Moreover, the Clima Pro 2.0 technology keeps the temperature in the grinding chamber constant, reducing it if necessary.

The variable speed motor (from 600 to 1200 rpm) enables the barista to choose the best settings for the coffee he is using.

The Victoria Arduino showroom it is not going to be just a mere exposition, but a lively event with lectures, trainings and meetings to support roasters and baristas in refining their skills. This is the spirit of Victoria Arduino, inspired by coffee since 1905.

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