Wednesday 07 June 2023

Victoria Arduino to showcase Gravimetric technology at The London Coffee Festival

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LONDON, UK – Save the date: April 6-9 and enjoy an amazing coffee experience at The London Coffee Festival (plan M stand #M03 – plan south stand #G25) thanks to Victoria Arduino’s ‘Coffee Guests’.

Are you ready to taste new blends from different UK, Irish, Greek and Italian coffee roasters?

At plan M stand #M03 Association, Coffeel, Grind, Kaffeine, Local Hero, Prufrock, Square Mile Coffee Roasters, Taylor street and Yallah Coffee will offer samples of their specialty coffee extracted with two different weights set on two different machine groups, taking advantage of the possibilities offered by Gravimetric technology.

200 Degrees, Bell lane Coffee, Coffee Island, Frank&Earnest and Root&Branch will demonstrate how important it is for quality that espresso is always extracted to have the proper temperature of beverage in the cup.

Thanks to the “Taste your temperature” contest, plan south stand #G25 visitors can taste many specialty coffees brewed at different temperature in order to discover how temperature can change the taste of your coffee.

Put to the test your sensory skills with “Why every Gram matters” and “Taste your temperature” contests at The London Coffee Festival and enjoy these roasters new blends!

Thanks to “Why Every Gram matters”(plan M stand #M03) and “Taste your Temperature” (plan south stand #G25) contests, visitors can see just how the appropriate weight for that particular type of coffee can offer all its aromas to full advantage.

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